Professional Wall Covering Application and Removal A Smile-A-Mile Specialty

Modernize Your Space

Wallpaper was a huge fad in older homes, and it’s actually coming back! There are many patterns and colors to choose from to help modernize any room or workspace.

Wallpaper Application

Applying wallpaper can be tricky. There are many sizes and patterns, and it’s crucial to match up lines and prevent bubbles. We have the necessary tools and experience to ensure the correct amount of adhesive and the right process for a beautifully finished product. We have installed everything from wallpaper, wall coverings, wall carpet, and murals in restaurants, retail stores, commercial spaces, and residential homes.

Wallpaper as an Accent

Wallpaper can be used as an accent along with paint to dramatically change the look of your space. Ask our estimator at your consultation about the available options.

Wallpaper Removal

If you need to remove wallpaper, there is a specific process in attempt to preserve the walls. Many variables affect the outcome and condition of the wall behind the paper. We do everything we can to preserve what’s there with minimal repairs. In the case of damaged walls, we mud and texture where needed and apply new wallcoverings or paint.

Protecting Your Walls and Making You Smile Our background in construction makes a difference.

We are here to preserve and protect your interior walls, provide you with a long-lasting job, and make you smile!