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As one of your single largest investments, it’s extremely important to properly maintain and protect your home.

Often times homeowners maintain the cleanliness of the inside and even pay for housekeeping services. They also maintain the yard and keep the bushes trimmed and looking nice, but don’t remember the siding (Lap, T1-11, etc.), brick, stucco, and other exterior surfaces of the home.

The elements and diverse weather here cause dirt and other contaminants to stick to your siding and make your home appear dingy or grimy. Most people don’t think about it, but it should not be left unattended. Power washing to remove contaminants such as debris, dirt, animal contaminants, spiders, spider webs, and bee hives, etc. is a great way to brighten and refresh your home.

Pressure Washing Services | Smile-A-Mile Painting

Procrastination and “it’s not that bad” are the two most common excuses.

Dirt and grime make your property stand out in the neighborhood as an eye-sore, but mold and fungus are a really big problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Mold and fungi are living organisms and, by definition, living things must eat. What do you think they are eating? Just because it doesn’t “look that bad” doesn’t actually mean that it is “not that bad.” Power washing is very inexpensive in comparison to replacing siding.

Power washing is a much more of a skilled trade than most realize. Power washing takes a great deal of know-how and experience. If a person puts 3000 pounds per square inch of water to a soft surface, without being properly trained, then it’s likely that a homeowner will spend a fortune in repairs.

We recommend pressure washing your house and exterior surfaces twice a year to maintain your home. We will also inspect your caulking and the condition of your paint and siding. It’s a preventative measure to save money in the future and will also improve the appearance of your home.

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