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  • Why Stain?

    There are many situations when wood will be exposed to water. Unfortunately, water can cause a lot of damage to wood if left untreated. Wood stain forms a barrier over the surface that is waterproof and causes water to flow away without affecting your wood.

  • Wood is also vulnerable to rotting and once that process has started, there's no going back. It will have to be replaced. The stain can prevent and protect the wood from all kinds of rot. Staining can keep out termites, mold, mildew, and other pests that cause rot.

  • If you have wood in your home that is located in a place where it will receive a lot of sun—wood siding, a wooden deck, wood floors, or furniture that is near windows—the only way to protect it is with wood stain. Using wood stain will prevent the wood in your home from being discolored or fading.

Deck Staining with Smile-A-Mile Painting

If you are planning to use exposed wood of any sort on exterior surfaces, it is recommended to apply a stain. Staining wood has many benefits, both aesthetic as well as functional.

Smile-a-Mile Fence Painting Before & After

As professional painters,

we see the importance of protecting the wood and preventing future damage to wood surfaces. We also stain for appearance and color of the wood. Natural, exposed wood features are beautiful and stain will help to show off the natural grain and texture of the wood as well as make it look rich.

We will properly prep the wooden surfaces with sanding, cleaning, and using wood conditioner to open the pores when needed and then apply the selected stain. If needed, we will apply a clear coat to seal and finish the surfaces.

There are two types of stain that we use most often, semi-transparent and a solid body stain. The semi-transparent allows the natural wood grain and texture to show through, where the solid body stain resembles more of a painted appearance and can help hide imperfections. Our estimator can help determine the best product for your project.

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